Thursday, December 18, 2008

The postman always rings AT LEAST twice

I had an idea. I was going to blog about....something. That idea is now nothing but a faint memory. Once the doorbell rang (for the THIRD time today) I completely lost my train of thought. And here's the thing: the doorbell is always ringing. I mean, on average I'd say the doorbell rings at least once a day, but maybe more and today is certainly not atypical. I'm not sure that in the U.S. I ever heard the doorbell ring so much in my entire life. In the U.S. delivery people often leave packages on your doorstep and go. I'm not sure how the Japanese culture continues to function if everything is dependent on someone answering the door at home and often in the middle of the day. And what amazes me is that it's not just the post office and other private parcel delivery services, but it's the water distributor with this month's box of bottled water, or the egg man with 3 dozen eggs or the fish guy... I'm amazed at the steady stream of deliveries and the frequency with which I see delivery trucks in our little neighborhood.

Anyway, you'll have to trust me when I say that my original idea for a post was clever/funny/interesting and surely thought-provoking. But I have no idea what it was about.


  1. Well damn that Doorbell... hehe I know how you feel.. seriously...

    Until we moved I felt obligated to answer if I was home so always had to make sure I was wearing P.J.s that were door answerable.

    But now... they have to go through security and well the bells are louder and more annoying but I don't have to answer the door or let them in the gate.. you have eggs delivered. How do you get a moments break.. goodness.

  2. Oh wow. No one ever rings unless it's the girl next door locked out; some religious people; or a package that needs signing. I would hate having it ring so much!

  3. We've been getting Christmas packages delivered lately, and the delivery people usually knock and leave it on the porch. My dog goes SPASTIC and practically hyperventilates because she is barking so frantically. I'm glad it doesn't happen more often!