Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More on egg nog and other things....

Things are crazy here. I started Japanese class today - yay!

Peanut has been spitting up and vomiting over the course of the day. We're a little worried that she's unwell. May be a trip to the doctor's office in our near future. Booo.

In the meantime, from the VIRTUAL KITCHEN:
Egg Nog Thumbprints
This isn't exactly the recipe I've used in the past (mine included pecans but the recipe is in the U.S. somewhere!) however it's a close approximation. The idea is to imitate the flavor without using actual egg nog. The filling makes them the best!


  1. Looks yummy! One year(in the States), I made a whole bunch of different kinds of cookies and sent boxes to my close relatives all around the US for early Christmas presents. I can't wait to see your next recipe!!!

  2. Wow coffegrl they look amazing. The AFWJ women in Tokyo have a cookie exchange party every year and I'm always so jealous!! I think we could do a virtual exchange though, what do you think? Everyone posts their favourite christmas cookie recipe and then if we make them all (good lord, there goes my healthy eating resolution!) it would be just like a cookie party, yeah?

  3. I made these cookies and oh wow. Yummo! I halved the mix as 48 cookies seemed like an immense number and now I'm kicking myself! Thanks for sharing!

  4. thefukases - YAY! So glad you liked them :) This is one of my favorites for sure.