Saturday, September 18, 2010

And Now for the "Leftovers"....

And all I've got right now is a series of random thoughts, and it's Friday and suddenly the idea of the Friday Night Leftovers popped into my head. I've seen them before and never participated but today feels like a perfect fit. For more Friday Night Leftovers stop by Sippy Cups Are Not for Starbucks.

Without further ado:
  • Fall is here and I'm excited for all the back to school type fun which doesn't even really affect me since neither of the girls is school-aged and I'm not a teacher. Whatever. I love back to school supplies and the changing colors of the leaves. Can you blame me?
  • Between the two girls I'm getting only a couple of hours of sleep at a time. Peanut is going through....I don't know what for the last few days and is awake at least once a night, usually twice and then is often awake at 5am for good. We're working on trying to convince her that playing in her room quietly until 6am is the best and safest option for everyone. Sweet Pea is still a champ at night sleeping for 5-6 hours in the first part of the night and then waking 3-4 hours later. But between the two of them, it's every couple of hours. Oh boy. I'm starting to feel really fuzzy around the edges and I'm just incredibly grateful that we've gone as long as we have (Sweet Pea just turned 3 months old!) before I started to fray at the edges! And I'm increasingly grateful for daycare 2 days a week. Every little bit of assistance helps right now.
  • I've started watching "Lost". I may be the last person on the planet to see it. I'm still at episode 7 of season 1 but quite enjoying it thus far.
  • I've also been reading a fair amount lately. (At least the girls both nap!) I'm proud of me for finding some "me" time and activity. This means, however, that the house pretty much looks like a disaster most of the time. You can't win 'em all.
  • Today is my 5th wedding anniversary. And that means that Gboy and I have been together for over 10 years now. That feels momentous!