Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa found us!

Or rather, we found him in the Kintetsu at Tennoji. I am pleased to report that Peanut had her first meet and greet with Santa and like children everywhere, she took one look at him up close and began to wail! I laughed and sat down next to Santa hoping to calm her just long enough so that we could get a few pictures. We got probably half a dozen shots on our camera along with a small Polaroid thanks to the Kintetsu staff. Santa looked jolly and was as sweet as I remember him even though it's been years since we chatted. I nearly cried - that's how happy I was to see him and to have Peanut start making her own Christmas memories.

Also, we had a blast at the AFWJ Kansai area Christmas party yesterday. The hostess had a lovely tree, mulled wine, tasty foods, holiday music and there was even a carol sing with the kids! Peanut LOVED the music. She danced, shook the jingle bells and generally made merry with a bunch of the other children. The holiday spirit filled that room to the rafters and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to share in it. I came away with a much needed attitude adjustment let me tell you! Thanks AFWJ ladies!

And now, I can't wait for tomorrow! I don't expect that at 11 months Peanut has a clue about what's going on, but we'll have a few small new toys for her to unwrap and play with tomorrow morning. Tonight we'll be celebrating with a roast chicken dinner (including stuffing!) to be followed by copious amounts of rum (!) balls. Yes, they're not much to look at but they pack a punch and I was excited to be "baking" even if it was no-bake goodies. I am feeling quite merry and hope that you are too.


  1. Merry Christmas!

    That is so good that you found a santa- I will need to file that away for the future. Although you mean tennoji in Osaka right?

    Enjoy the chicken & rumballs! We are off now to have ham & rumballs! hehe- without the rum though.

  2. I can't believe you found a Santa!! WOW... I didn't even know that he existed in Japan.

    I'm sure your daughter will love looking at the photos of herself with Santa when she gets a little bit older!

    Merry Christmas - I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Rumballs... will be eaten, and eaten a lot on Saturday (after mum arrives with one of the main ingredients in my recipe for rumballs!)