Saturday, December 20, 2008

Message from the breasts

We would like to thank you for working it out. We've been doing our best to provide for Peanut, working hard day and night for nearly 11 months. We survived the blistering in those first few weeks, but just barely. Thank goodness you saw that lactation consultant who, bless her heart, recommended nipple shields. Things finally got easier and we took it all in stride until those first two teeth. Blisters again?! But that didn't last long and hey, it's been smooth sailing until - FOUR new teeth all at once?! Isn't that a recipe for disaster?! We're all for Peanut learning to use those teeth, but please, not on us. The scraping and irritating luckily lasted for no more than a week. Now, ahhhhh. Back to the bliss of regular feedings with no trauma.

Thanks to Kellymom and Breastfeeding123 for the support. Also thanks to those fabulous lactation consultants back in Seattle. Did you even know how lucky you were to be there and be surrounded by such amazing people? We probably would have given up at week 2 if they hadn't helped us. And if we'd stopped we'd be missing out on a pretty special experience. Cool.

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