Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finding your foods

I've noticed a trend in many expatriate blogs. Food. For those of us who have left our familiar homes behind, finding "our food" becomes critical. Not only do we seem to experiment with everything local to find new favorites, but we long for the old foods too. Inevitably it seems that what emerges is a blend; foods that have been created or modified to suit the old palate with the new environment. In my own experience, this has manifested itself as kabocha pumpkin muffins rather than the standard American variety of pumpkin. I've also found that using ham in pasta sauce tastes great and given the ready availability of ham in Japan, I've switched from ground beef and bolognese sauce to ham sauce. The additional challenge with which I'm faced, is that I'm not a proficient reader in Japan yet. I can generally read hiragana and katakana, but my kanji reading is limited. This means that reading websites or Japanese cookbooks is still a stretch for me. Thus, while I can read and then tweak recipes originally in English, the reverse isn't true for Japanese recipes. Which just means that my foods and cooking are works in progress.

Favorite recipes you'd like to share? Or sources of favorite recipes?

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