Monday, November 10, 2008


It's been raining and cold for the last couple of days and frankly that's my excuse for not posting yesterday - my fingers were frozen. Needless to say it seems like autumn is moving in to stay. When the weather turns like this, I usually want to put on old comfy clothes, soothing music and make chili. Instead, here in Japan at my in-laws' house where we have no central heating, I've hauled out the long underwear (silk thank you LLBean!), extra sweaters, thick socks and I'm wearing them all simultaneously. We also decided it was time to upgrade the comforter we use on the bed, meaning we needed something warmer. Yesterday we managed to find a goose-down comforter, a fleece comforter cover, and a winter jacket for the Peanut. I figured we all need to keep warm in as many ways as possible! Mission accomplished.

The irony here is that I hate the cold and one of the factors prompting me to move away from upstate NY years ago was the cold weather. Here in Osaka I don't anticipate snowstorms and blizzards like we used to have in NY which means I won't have to battle the elements outdoors. However, I'm still adapting to living in a house that has separate climates indoors and where I'm likely to need my gloves in several rooms in the house. Have I mentioned I don't like to be cold - at all?

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