Thursday, March 5, 2009

My life in list-form

I can't even think to make a coherent post right now. Instead, I'm going with a list instead:
  • Saturday one of my sisters-in-law here in Japan made a trip to the hospital to get confirmation of her pregnancy after a positive EPT. I've talked about this before and on the one hand was a tad frustrated by the whole thing(with the mixed emotions that many folks who've struggled to get pregnant can surely understand) . Then they told her that the pregnancy might not be viable but it's too early to tell. The hospital also told my sister-in-law that she couldn't deliver at their hospital even if it IS viable. She came home upset by some/all of the news. The family spent all weekend agonizing over this - trying to get her a slot at the hospital of choice. FIL finally pulled some strings and got her in. We're waiting on a second ultrasound this weekend to find out how things are looking (as far as my SIL can tell things are going just fine). What a tangle.
  • Saturday we also got word that a friend of the family was in a car accident. Or rather a car hit her while she was on her motorbike/scooter. She was knocked to the ground and sustained injuries including a broken collarbone and shoulder. The hospital she was taken to doesn't have a great reputation but she stayed and had the surgery there. She regained consciousness as they were finishing the surgery and although the local anesthesia was still working so she felt no pain, she had some sensation of what the doctors were doing and found it both unpleasant and scary. We've been making visits to check on her and make sure she's doing well until she can leave what looks like one of those hospital from horror flicks (old, rundown, creepy). ugh.
  • Sunday was the memorial for Gboy's paternal grandmother. Lots of family, food, enjoyment of fine weather.
  • Peanut has an 8th tooth coming in. This could explain some of the sudden uptick in wanting to be on or with Mama. I confess I love it. She smiles, runs to me, clings to my legs, generally wants to be with me. Doesn't really seem to be serious separation anxiety. Instead, she's really getting into hugs and snuggles and I had started to think I might not get many since she's always on the move and didn't seem to have the attention span for any of that.
  • Peanut is starting to know her own name and is working on pronouncing it. SOOO cute.

    Gratuitous cute kid picture (enjoying aforementioned sunshine and good weather this weekend).


  1. Oooh that's tough. :( Hope everything's Ok and you have no problems getting another peanut going. :)

    Your weather looks fabulous!! Extremely jealous!

    I had to laugh at the hospital description- I was admitted to one of those hospitals and (now) DH couldn't work out why I wanted out so quickly so badly! Ergghhhhh!

  2. I'm sorry for you that SIL got pregnant first, and I'm sorry for SIL that she's having trouble with the pregnancy and hospital. I'm sure she's upset.

    Bean is also clinging to mommy while he teeths. I do love it too!! Although it makes it hard to get first birthday party preparations done. But he cuddled with me all morning, and I was in absolute Heaven. *sigh* My heart is happy just thinking about it.

  3. I love cuddles! I'm sorry you're having such a rough go of things right now. Sending hugs to you and your family!

  4. Sorry for the troubles. Good pic though!

    Your screen name makes me want coffee. I'm pregnant though! Argh!

  5. I finally have a minute to comment and NEED to catch up! I haven't even wished Peanut Happy Birthday, yet! "Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!"

    About pod casts - NPR has another cooking show Chef's Table. Not sure if it is in pc format or not, but it's fun.

    Hospitals - I fortunately had surgery here in a new one. I can't believe people can get out of normal Japanese hospitals alive - the hospitals are so disgusting. If your body was fine, your mind would go, I'm sure!

    Infertility - I thought my heart would die when my two friends got pregnant/gave birth before we even knew Jun would be coming. I'll pray that your SIL's pregnancy will be alright. I'm sure she is anxious.

    Mama is BEST - Jun had like no separation anxiety. So much that I worried about bonding and all that. I would ask her (before she was one, especially,) "do you know who your Mama is?" She seems to have gotten it figured out now! Those hugs are so precious!

    Grandmother's memorial ceremony - While I know most of these ceremonies are budhist, and my family is Christian, I really appreciate the Japanese way (our Christian church here does it too), of remembering the person who passed away at the one year anniversary. At the funeral, we are often too busy and sad to enjoy and share our memories of the person who died.

    Half way through - I look forward to hearing about the next "leg" of your life!

    Candied fruit peel - Just wanted to thank you for posting, and tell you how green with envy I am at all that lucious fruit peel surrounding you! SMILE!

  6. thefukases - I can't believe anyone survives hospitals like this one. I can't believe you were in one!!

    Kim - I love the anniversary/memorial tradition as well. I'm also very glad to hear that your surgery was in a nice, new hospital! Peanut thanks you for such kind birthday wishes :-)

  7. I'm so sorry that both of our hearts have to be heavy over this.


    Here's to our very own healthy pregnancy's!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again soon.

  8. I woke up in the middle of my ectopic surgery. They had forgotten to tape my eyelids! After looking around for a little while I hear someone say "Shit! She's awake." I was out like a light 30 seconds later.

    Hope she recovers very soon.

  9. Oh goodness. There's just so many emotions rolled into one that it's even hard to get a coherent comment out. Big hugs to you, thinking of your family and friends, and what a cutie pie that Peanut is!