Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breakin' it Down - Podcast Style

I recently mentioned that I've been listening to the Splendid Table's podcasts and one of my commentors (thefukases) suggested that I post about other podcasts I like. This is a tough one. I don't have an iPod, so I generally rely on the Zune Marketplace and online service to point me in the direction of available podcasts for what happens to be my portable listening device. This might be somewhat limiting, but it's easy and that's been the key thus far.

Bearing in mind that this might be limiting, I'm happy to share what I've discovered.

I adore National Public Radio and listen to whatever I can find. Specifically, I'm listening to things like "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!" Tavis Smiley, Fresh Air and Marketplace. But I also like to connect with my local news and events so I listen to "Weekday" from KUOW in Seattle. I am subscribed to the News from Lake Wobegone, but rarely listen to it since I'd rather hear the show in its entirety and therefore just listen to Prairie Home Companion on my laptop (drat no podcast!!).

Being a lover of food I also catch the Epicurious (video!!) and Cooks Illustrated podcasts on my Zune. Watching someone demonstrate how to fill a cannoli really helped me to believe that I can tackle the cannoli making on my own. I have the cannoli tubes and know how to make my own ricotta so I'm thinking I'll even be able to attempt these while here in Japan! I haven't figured out how to get the Bon Appetit podcasts on to my Zune, but I can listen to them on my laptop. Yum.

Parent Magazine has some interesting podcasts and Comedy Central Stand-Up.

In return for sharing this, I'd love to hear what podcasts you all may be listening to on your computer or portable listening device. There's a lot out there I know, but sometimes finding good material is tricky...


  1. wow- thank you! I love cooking shows (currently watching top chef and googling all these new foodie words) so will check those out, for sure.

    I am afraid I don't have a lot to offer in return. My ipod is full of sesame street 5 min word on the street podcasts. The girls LOVE them and I save them for long car rides... That and DHs Economic news is all I've got so far (see why I was asking for suggestions??) ;)

    I'd love to see pictures of your cannoli- hint hint....

  2. I like to listen to Grammar Girl sometimes, but mostly I am jamming to my workout tunes, D.J. mixes and mash ups...

    I LOVE cooking shows esp LaLa TV and catch it when I can = ) My husband listens to Bill M.

    cannoli- Man, being a NY gal I would eat one every other day.. no kidding. my favs... and granny would make em homemade..