Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finding the Perfect Gift

Have I mentioned that my sister (one and only and she's younger) is expecting her first baby in July? And have I mentioned how freaking excited I am?! My sister-in-law is also due this year - in October. Conflicted feelings about that for lots of reasons. But my sister is due this summer and she's the subject of today's post. I'm trying to think of a really great baby shower gift. Something that is really about pampering her and making her feel special. I have plenty of ideas of gifts for the baby. But what about the new mom? Any great ideas for special gifts?

I don't live anywhere near my sister (which makes me sad) and can't shower her with love and food and help around the house when the baby is born. Luckily she'll have help from our mom for a bit after the baby is born, but I likely won't visit until the baby is at least a month old. I'm thinking at that point they'll be out of any frozen foods that friends and other family may have stocked them up with, so I'll start all over again to get them stocked. Seriously, I remember thinking when Peanut was 2 or 3 months old, "Where did everyone go? We still have a newborn around here and wouldn't mind some extra help!"

Along these lines, I'm looking for great recipes that you love - things that freeze really well. Casseroles and soups come to mind and I already have a few ideas, but I thought I'd take my sister and brother-in-law a pretty extensive list for them to choose from so that they could pick a bunch of different things that they think they'd like to have in the freezer. Again, ideas welcome.


  1. Congrats to your little sis!! Sounds like she's due about the same time as me. She's lucky to have a big sis like you whoses been there, done that. I really wish I had a sister :(

    All I have are two (younger) brothers who are excited but the only knowledge they have about babies is how to prevent one from being concieved (sigh)

  2. You are going to be an Aunty (other than through marriage), how exciting! I have a neice from my SIL, but I can imagine it will be so different when my sisters are pregnant.

    I remember the same thing when Champ was a few months old, and the army of helpers suddenly slowed down, assuming that you would have it all under control by then! A gift for that period would be good.

    I live quite close to my sisters and the best thing that my lil sister has done is to take Champ into the playroom and order me to get a cup of tea and read a magazine, or to go and do a little spa treatment in the bathroom while they play. She still does this now once per week even though he is 15 months!

    Even if you are only there for a short time and your neice/nephew is not quite a new-newborn, she will appreciate any time you can give her to herself.

  3. YAY, you're going to be an aunty! So exciting!!! I have a few soup recipes that freeze really well. They are very easy to make and they make A LOT! Email me if you'd like them. If you want to pamper your sis, get her some nail polish and a pedi kit. That way she can do it herself and then when she gets too big, her hubby can do it. Or maybe a gift certificate to get it done at a place close to her? Lotions are always a good thing, too. I'm sure you'll find something!

  4. Oooh, if you're looking for a good recipe to help stock their freezer, try chicken with olives ( It's my fave! And it's great because it just simmers in the crockpot all day and you can freeze it, too.

    If your sister's going to breastfeed and won't be able to have alcohol or caffeine, maybe get her some alcohol-free wine or beer and some pretty glasses to drink it in, or some specialty decaf coffee and a funky mug?

  5. I don't think this is exactly what you are looking for, but I thought I'd send the info anyway.

    This was a book (and I see Amazon has many other styles) that was sent to us. We used it for pics of family members who were all far away, and Jun would often take it out and read it herself. (Good for Peanut too, mabe?) Anyway, maybe you are doing something like this,'s the link anyway.

  6. Sara - Anytime you want big sister advice or just someone to boss you around - I'm available ;)

    Red - Thanks for the reminder. I remember desperately wanting 15 minutes for myself in the bathroom just to pamper myself. I'll be sure to put that on my reminder list for when I'm visiting.

    Abigail - I'm all about slow cookers! That recipe sounds perfect; my sister loves chicken more than any other meat.

    Kim - Peanut uses an album like this and loves it. I'll be sure to make one up especially since my sister lives so far from all her family and all of her husband's family too. Great idea!