Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogging and happiness

I heard about this study this morning and just had to learn more. Apparently some researchers in Taiwan found that blogging can make you happier. Or as I understand it, by blogging you are more likely to increase your social integration and bonding with others and your overall sense of well-being may increase as a result.

Based on my own experience I'd say that's true. I started blogging when I was looking for others who were also struggling with the frustration of not being able to get pregnant; this is how I first connected with the community of ALI (adoption/loss/infertility) bloggers. Simultaneously friends of ours started going through the process of an open adoption and through a variety of adoption blogs I started to learn some of what the process might involve. I learned a lot from others willing to share their experiences.

And then we moved to Japan and I was disconnected from a community of friends that I could easily relate to (new city, language barrier etc.). Having my own blog, and reading the blogs of others in similar situations, I started to feel like it might just be possible to acclimate. Not just for myself and my own needs, but because I've also found others raising bilingual/bicultural children with all that entails.

I haven't had the opportunity to meet very many of you (dear readers!) in person, but I look forward to doing so in the future - wherever you are. In the meantime, know that you do in fact make me happy!


  1. I have made so many wonderful friends through bloggins some of whom I have had the chance to meet in RL!

    I definitely think that blogging, for some people, can be an extremely good thing!

    Hopefully we will be able to meet up one day!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my bloghouse earlier! Returning the favor! I ABSOLUTELY agree that blogging has made me happier, espeicially with dealing with IF.

    Sometimes, when I hit a particularly difficult roadblock, I think, "Well at least this gives me something interesting to blog about".

    I can't imagine going through this IF journey without every in the ALI community!

    Happy ICLW!

  3. I don't know how people got through IF without blogging, really. It's so nice to know that I am not alone -- even when all my friends are popping out kids like it's going out of style! I have met two bloggers IRL... one suggested an OB in Seattle who ended up delivering my son, and we enjoyed brunch at her house on Sunday. Definitely a great way to connect.

  4. I agree...blogging is a wonderful outlet and a fantastic support network.

  5. I am just getting into the actual blog writing but I found just reading blogs extremely helpful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the link!

    I am sending a trunk full of leg warmers to you.

    If I'd had blogging when I lived in Japan, I would have had a much different experience.