Thursday, June 25, 2009

Muffins are a wonderful thing

That's right. Honest to goodness blueberry muffins were awaiting me in our friend's car when he came to pick us up at the airport at 11am on Monday morning. I was stunned by the generosity that he and his wife showed us. Not only did he pick us up at the airport (with all of our international baggage in tow) but he brought us muffins and juice (kindly provided by his wife) and when we got back to our house we found that they'd even stocked our fridge with a few basics. We were blown away by how much these little things all added up to make our re-entry that much smoother.

Our return flight was amazing. Peanut did great. Lots of sleeping. Very little complaining or crying (maybe the last 15 minutes of our domestic flight). It was pretty heavenly actually.

We've been buried under stacks of mail, layers of dust (our friend/renter wasn't as thorough about cleaning as one might hope) and bags still to be unpacked for a couple of days now. But we seem to be winning the war on dust bunnies and junk mail and I hope to be back to posting soon.

For now let me say, cupcakes have been eaten, late night junk tv has been watched (what else to do during jet lag?) and my own bed has been slept in. Life is good!


  1. WELCOME HOME!!!! Glad your flight was nice! Enjoy your bed!

  2. That is fantastic that Peanut was so good on the flight. What a great little girl you have!

    Enjoy being home.

  3. I can't belive you are leaving soon = ( that is such a bummer.. I did not even get to know you well yet = ( so sad..

  4. WELCOME BACK TO SEATTLE!!!! How amazing that Peanut was good on the trip, what a relief. I hope the weather around here gets nicer for you... been a little rough around here the past few days, huh. My DH likes it so cold, but I would like mid- to upper-70s myself.

  5. Here from blogger bingo. Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound, muffins, or anything that shows the other cares is always a welcome sign after an exhausted return. Sounds like you have some good friends!