Saturday, June 6, 2009

A star is born?

Last night, Peanut put on her "inside shoes" and ran back and forth in the hallway, tapping her feet on the hardwood floor all the way. Then she grabbed her "brushy" (toothbrush) and ran to look at herself in the mirror. Who doesn't look stunning in the equivalent of tap shoes while waving a toothbrush in the air? And then she began to sing a little tune I like to call the "Don Don Anpan Song" since the words basically consist of "don don don don, Shokupanman, don don don don, Karepanman," etc etc. with various Anpanman characters. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when she tapped her way through the doorway, waving her brush and singing her song. She looked like such a showgirl!

While there are moments when I find parenting challenging and when Peanut shows that she's heading in the direction of difficult behaviors or tantrums, I mostly find her comical and delightful (even when she's pressing my buttons by testing her boundaries). Her easy smile and frequent giggles, along with the desire to constantly be entertaining us, makes things awfully fun. I'm not sure how I survived the first 4 months or so of her life when she was frankly, quite boring. Adorable and cuddly, but boring. After that, things picked up and I've enjoyed her much more. I still find the day to day parenting to be monotonous at times. Many times in fact. But that doesn't change the fact that I lover her and I love parenting and when she pulls out the stops and puts on a show like that? What can I do? I laugh and melt and want to eat her up.

Without further ado, one gratuitous cute kid picture and a video. In the video she is watching the ducks at the duck pond, saying "patta patta" (the sound of beating wings in Japanese) and "duck ota!" which I think roughly means "there's a duck!"


  1. Absolutely adorable! She was so excited!

  2. just precious. How wonderful to record these feelings in your blog. it's good to get all the good stuff out there along with the stuff on the days that are more trying. She's a doll!

  3. She is such a doll, such a precious little girl..