Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coming out of the fog....

I'll be back with a more thoughtful post in the next few days. For now, I'm wondering, should I tell you about:
  • The fat lip Peanut got when she was running around the airport in Itami and fell down
  • Our fleeting but lovely meeting with Kim and her daughter in the Narita airport (Why oh why did we have to have such a short layover this time around when we usually get stuck there for 8 hours!)
  • "New in Town" - the movie I watched on the plane and loved if for no reason other than that it was in English and joked about cold winters and lots of snow - struck me as incredibly funny
  • Salami, lamb, feta cheese and the lovely foods I've been rediscovering here in the U.S.
  • Connecting with old friends in Seattle
  • Missing new Osaka friends
  • Visits to half a dozen parks to see which might be Peanut's favorites
  • Recovering from jet lag in what feels like record time
  • Having to clean the house much more than I anticipated (wishful thinking had me convinced our bachelor friend would have hired a housekeeper before he left)
  • Talking to my family on the telephone and reveling in our proximity
  • Today's visit to the zoo - who knew goats would inspire my daughter to cry when separated from them?
  • How much I hate packing and unpacking and moving in general (okay we didn't exactly move but it sort of feels like it)
  • American television - I don't even care what I watch - I'm loving it!!
  • My library is amazing and I have about 25 books checked out that I'm trying to read as fast as I can - just finished this escapist bit
  • My cake baking project for the summer - I've got The Cake Bible and plan to use it!
  • Amazing blue skies and perfect temperatures with no humidity

The view and weather two days after our return.


  1. Wow sounds like you're right back in the swing of things.

    Glad to hear and ohhhh to the fat lip.

  2. It was SSOOOOO great to meet you and your wonderful husband and sweet sweet little girl too! It was too short!!! I sure hope we can meet again on one side or other of the ocean! And, YES, the PNW weather is SOOOO great this week, isn't it!!! I think I will be nice and dry and wrinkled before going back to Japan next week. The humidity is good for my complexion - maybe?!?!?

  3. Wow, so many good things to comment about!

    - Saw New in Town as well... DH and I were cracking up that it was snowy in the movie seemingly 10 months out of the year.

    - How sweet, Peanut crying over the goats. awwww! :)

    - I am laughing about how much you are enjoying American TV... feels like there's not much on right now.

    - I'll have to add that book to my list! I keep getting those email notices from the library that all my requests are in, I don't know how I'm going to keep up!

    - Mmmmm... cake....

    - Hooray for AWESOME weather and emerging from the jet lag fog!

  4. Glad you are settling right back in.

    Did you have any reverse culture shock? I guess you might have if English TV seems so exciting, but it must be good shock!

  5. Red you're soo right! I didn't think I had any reverse culture shock this time around (had a terrible case after returning from a 3 month stay in Melbourne about 12 years ago). But I must have *some* kind of reverse culture shock to be enjoying American reality tv this much!

  6. Glad you're getting settled and enjoying the weather. It's been SO beautiful! Enjoy everything American!