Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm fried. My brain is fried. My body is tired. My toddler is kicking my ass. Lately, she's been existing on MAYbe 9 hours of sleep at night (occasionally 8 or 8 1/2 like last night) followed up with a 1 1/2 hour nap if I'm lucky - today it was all of 45 minutes. I generally operate best with about 8 hours of sleep at night myself and since I need an hour or two after she goes to bed to get the laundry done, dishes washed, etc. I'm not getting anywhere near enough for myself. And then she has the energy of the Energizer bunny all day long. And Gboy must be celebrating his return to the U.S. or something because he's spending many hours on the computer playing games (I suspect some work is happening but not much right now). Needless to say, I'm feeling tired and cranky and out sorts. As I've mentioned before, our return to our house has been bumpy and I'm still trying to get things sorted and organized and rearranged and I'd love the help but honestly I'm tired of asking and while I haven't asked many times, I don't want to start telling/ordering him to do things because then I'm the mom of TWO people and that's freaking exhausting. And I get that the whole return to normalcy may be bumpy for him and that this is how he's working his way back into life here. The fact that this is so out of the ordinary for him tells me that something has changed but only temporarily. So for now, I'm trying to enjoy the 60 minutes of freedom that I have while Gboy kindly offered to take Peanut to the park to give me a break (at least he realizes I'm pulling a LOT of weight these days and it's wearing me down!).


  1. You are a very intuitive wife. I hope you get some rest AND time to do more than laundry and dishes soon. Sure wish I could have Peanut over for the day! She is sooooo sweet!

  2. THat sounds exhausting. YOu definitely handle things better than me, I would have been shouting by now at the husband! I'm sure this won't last too long-

  3. Gee that is tough. I can't beleive how little sleep Peanut can survive on - even I need more than that!

    Maybe if you get her to help with the chores it'll tire her out just as much as it tires you out! Or maybe that will just end in more stress.

    I hope you get some time to yourself and a little reat soon.

  4. Oh my, I wonder what's up with Peanut? With how early toddlers go to bed, I can't even imagine how early you are up. Oh, actually I can... didn't you tell me it was 4 am or something? I don't blame you for being exhausted!

    I hope you all get back into the groove of life here very soon... especially Peanut!

  5. Oh, you poor thing. Nap and post-bedtime are sacred times. Zoe's been doing something similar - going to sleep a couple of hours later, so my time after she goes to sleep is pushed back, but she's still waking up stupid-early. I think the late summer sun doesn't help.

    I think you're approaching this the right way. You all just went through a big upheaval and that's got to throw everything off.

    Here's hoping for everything to settle back into a manageable routine again.

  6. It's a bumpy transition for all involved. I'm sure it'll all be settled soon. Just do what you can to talk to your hubby and make sure you take time for yourself. Easier said then done, but PLEASE try!

  7. Oh goodness, I know how you feel, although not the same exactly, frustrating, feeling like a mom of THREE, and one is an adult..

    I usually lay the law down if it gets to me or I SHOP "giggles".

    But how is life getting on with you back home?

  8. Very intuitive. I wish I could be like you. As it is I 'order' hub to do things and it must piss him off something chronic but during the chaos of the witching hours and trying to dinner, bath and bed a three year old, twenty month old and six week old I just can't hold it together sometimes!!

    Tomorrow being Sunday, a no kindy day, I hope the weather is nicer than today so hub can take the older two looking for crabs or something... :p