Friday, August 21, 2009

The end of summer blues

If one more newspaper article or sales advertisement reminds me that summer is almost over I may scream. I love summer. I get excited about spring because it reminds me that the misery of long, dark, wet, cold (pick whichever adjectives apply) days may be over soon. I adore the start of autumn with all of the new school supplies and the start of a clean slate as well as the promise of cool days filled with warm soups and all of the fun of hibernating.

But to me, summer has is about just plain fun. Fun every day. Going to parks, pools, the beach, fairs, festivals and all that wonderful stuff which is so often free (minus the cost of an ice cream cone maybe). This is kind of ironic when I think back to how I spent my middle and high school summer days - lazing around with a book trying desperately to avoid going outside. But things change. With a new city and a new climate and much less humidity, I've discovered the joys of the outdoors in summer!

This is why I am always saddened when the media seems to gleefully herald the end of summer. And then a day like today dawns. It's cool here and the fog has rolled in. We don't expect to see temperatures much about 70F. That's cool for a summer day even by Seattle standards.

Please excuse me while I stick my head in the sand and ignore all the signs of summer's end. My parents will be here in just about one week and I'm hoping that a bit more of the summer weather will linger. Just enough so that we can enjoy a few walks in the park with Peanut. Just enough to take advantage of the fair. Just a little longer please...


  1. Yes, it is very sad!! Summer is the best time of year in Seattle. And now with preschool starting again -- since I'm the VP of Fundraising -- I have all this responsbility and I'm struggling to get in the mood. (Yes, it does sound rather pathetic that my PRESCHOOL RESPONSIBILITIES are overwhelming. But that's the way it is.)

    At least we still have cupcakes to look forward to. :)

  2. I agree, it's a bit of a downer. I feel like we haven't even had THAT much of a summer.

    I hope you enjoy your time in the sand and with your parents.

  3. Ohhh can I join the bring back summer club? I live for summer and today is the first day this summer we aren't going to make an overnight temperature of 20+, I couldn't buy sandals for love or money today and they've started with the typhoon news. Aghhhhh!!!

  4. Oh no, I just did a post on my blog about how happy I am to have spring returning early, then I saw your post. Maybe you could come and join us down under?

  5. I hope you have a PNW wonderful Indian Summer! And, I know all about the rainy season in the PNW. I don't envy you any weather after Oct. first! Come back where it is sunny, if COLD!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind/thoughtful comment! :) It is hard to see summer come to an end. Fun that your parents are visiting soon and I do hope the weather stays nice for your time with them.