Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sock it to me!

Before we get to the warm and fuzzies, I have to give you a little background. I was totally interesting in participating in the sock exchange started by Kym, but I told her, "I really don't think it's fair to ask someone to spend a jillion dollars to ship some socks to Japan where I happen to be at the moment". She wrote back to me a few days later and said "You won't believe it! Someone else is Japan wants to play along - you two can be buddies and not spend a jillion dollars on shipping!" And that is what we did. But here's where we pause to say "Isn't that AMAZING? That people who are part of the adoption/loss/infertility community can support one another across the globe????!!"

Wendy doesn't have a blog about infertility, but she's a reader and a super sock-it-to me kinda gal! Also, if you want to know more about her I know you can find her here. Wendy was sweet enough to send me not one, not two, but 6 pairs of socks! Along with a hand-written card! Can you feel the love?!! I sure can. Not only are the socks in an array of colors and materials, but the designs are adorable. The first pair I'm highlighting here is a pair that has "sweets" across the toes. For someone who confesses to being a comfort eater, this is exactly the pair of socks I need! Now when I feel the urge to devour five donuts because things aren't going my way and IF sucks, I can just wear my donut socks!

This next pair is warm and comfy made from silk. Perfect for the cool spring days. The socks all have individual little toes. If you're unfamiliar with life in Japan, you should know that those individual toe socks are a big thing here. To me, these socks represent the fact that Wendy from all the way across the globe is there to support me and cheer for me and basically keep spreading the warm fuzzies all over the land.

This last pair just cheers me up by the sheer fact that they're so colorful! I love the cheery colors which seem especially appropriate for this spring season when everything here in Osaka seems to be in bloom. But I know that on some dark and cloudy rainy day these socks will be the perfect spot of sunshine that I need. Thanks Wendy!


  1. OH my! Those are THE cutest socks EVER! Wendy did an amazing job! And she lives in Japan? That's SO cool! I love the second pair, the donuts on the toes are SO cute. Make sure Peanut doesn't eat them ;o)

  2. How fun! Those socks are adorable. I'm glad you got to participate.

  3. Wonderful socks and I'm so glad you got to participate!

  4. Hey Coffeegrl! Thanks for the cool post! I also wrote one over at the Stirrup Queens Ballroom...I'm not a natural writer like you, but I wanted to share the pics of your awesome socks! Thanks again!