Monday, February 9, 2009

Idea File: Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network

I can't remember if I've plugged this website before, but I'll do it again just in case. The Multilingual Living Magazine is published by the Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network website. And don't worry, if you're raising your kids in a multilingual/multicultural family they're got plenty for you too. This month's issue of the magazine is about trilingual families and they even touch on how to move to four languages. Cool stuff!

Specifically, one of the sites I learned about in the latest issue of the magazine is Lingo. It's geared toward Australians and since I know some of you lovely readers are Australian, I figured I'd pass this along. Not only do they have postings about upcoming events, many of which are naturally in Australia, they also have postings about resources and research regarding bilingual or multilingual families. Tuck this away in your idea file!


  1. Thanks for the info. I need a kick up the bum on this one so this will be good motivation to actually get serious about the whole language thing rather than my present 'she'll be right' attitude!