Sunday, February 8, 2009

In which our heroine sustains a blow to her self-esteem

I've felt pretty good about my post-baby body. Lots of changes took place for sure, but a year after Peanut's birth I was a few pounds below where I was before getting pregnant. I chalked this up to lots of breast-feeding and the miles and miles we walked in those earlier months when I was trying to get out of the house and regain some sanity on those days when Peanut just wouldn't nap. Regardless of how or why it happened, things seem to be on the upswing so-to-speak these days. A few pounds here and there and while I can't say I'm worried about it, the winter clothes are feeling snug. Especially when you consider that I'm so cold in my in-laws' house (which I HAVE mentioned has no central heating right?) that I'm usually wearing a haramaki, long underwear, a turtleneck, a sweater and often a fleece on top of all that. Needless to say, things are tight.

Knowing all of this is true doesn't make the following any easier to take. Tonight after dinner, my mother-in-law asked if my stomach was okay. I thought she was asking if I'd had enough to eat (in some round-about fashion) and while she may have been doing just that, she then went on to say I look like I have a second baby in my belly. Ouch. Considering we more or less haven't been "not-trying" to have another baby lately if you get my drift, with nothing to show for it (here we go again), this was a blow to my self-esteem on multiple levels. Guess it's time to start my exercise regime again. You know. In all my spare time.


  1. MILs sure have a way with words huh? I recently told mine on the phone that I had lost a bit of weight since coming home and she said "That is good- make sure you lose lots more" then went onto tell me SIL is getting fat...Japanese people are not subtle.

    I feel your pain though- I have 6 and a half kilos left to lose til I reach my goal weight.

    Try hula hooping! I love it! Email me if you want to know where you can get good hoops. That said, with peanut it might be easier just to return to walking. Bit hard with the cold though I suppose...maybe as it gets warmer it will be easier.

    Also, sorry to hear you are having some troubles getting pregnant again- probably not what you want to hear but I am sure with time it will happen. Best of luck.

  2. Gah... in laws... espicially here. My MIL and PIL haven't said anything but last time GMIL saw me she was like "oh you got fatter!" umm... thanks...

    I think everyone tends to plump up in the winter anyways once its spring and beautiful again I'm sure you will be out walking and it will be a non-issue.

    Hope we can get together again soon!

  3. Minus the lack of central heating and blunt comment from MIL, I am suffering from the same blows to my self-esteem. I would feel much better about the flab if I could just get... *sigh*... pregnant.

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry she said that. Like we women need anyone else telling us we need to lose weight or look fat. I'm pretty sure the media does enough of that. Hope you won't let her comments effect you too much. HUGS!!!

  5. I think you're just wearing a lot of layers. That's all it is. :)

    This haramaki thing is intriguing.

  6. I agree with Eva, you are just wearing extra layers, but you could respond to your MIL and say "It is her fabulous cooking"!

    I gained weight twice in Japan, and my MIL never said anything, only when I lost it, but she told my DH not me. Not sure if it is an option to stay living with the In-laws or not but no matter how GOOD a person is, when you live together things go weird.

  7. It doesn't help that what is considered normal for a middle-aged mom in the U.S., Australia, and England is considered fat in Japan. And if you would be considered chubby in your native country, then you will be considered incredibly obese by the Japanese.