Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Polka dots and spots

On Friday, Peanut seemed to nap surprisingly early in the morning, but since she'd been a tad on the cranky side, we figured she was tired and that's what caused her to zonk out so early. I was a bit concerned about going out for the better part of that afternoon and evening as I had originally planned - leaving Gboy home alone with a cranky Peanut for that long, but he assured me they'd be fine. I called that night before returning home and he told me she'd gone to sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual without a bit of fussing; she just fell asleep. He said she'd seemed a tad feverish but no big deal. We were amazed. She didn't need to nurse at all, didn't seem upset by my absence even though she's used to having both of us around for her bedtime routine. Congratulations to us on our fabulous parenting! Um or whatever. She slept soundly Friday night and on Saturday she seemed fine. That's when fate stepped in to prove to us how wrong we can be.

Saturday night...

We woke up in the middle of the night to lots of vigorous crying and as soon as I picked Peanut up I knew what was wrong - she was burning up. We took her temperature and it was over 39.6 C (that's somewhere over 103F if you're like me and don't operate metrically). Plenty high. Gboy being even more paranoid than I am decided we should make a trip to the hospital to have her checked out. We had called ahead and knew that there was no one in the urgent care/ER waiting area ("How is this possible?" I wondered as I recalled this story). The doctor took one look at her and said the symptoms of influenza weren't evident (we agreed with this as she HAD no symptoms other than a fever) and he diagnosed her as having Roseola. True to form, she had the high fever on and off for about 3 days and then promptly broke out in the tell-tale rash.

Ah ha! It all makes sense now! The unusually early and long nap on Friday morning. The early bedtime on Friday night. The easy bedtime routine.

I love being a parent. It's ALWAYS a surprise!


  1. Ohhh poor peanut! Hope she's feeling better now. It'S horrible when they're sick, isn't it? But good on you for getting her seen to. I managed to totally miss hand foot and mouth disease (am I the only one who'd never heard of these diseases until I had kids??) and A was only diagnosed when I took her along for a checkup. Oops. I thought she's been a bit cranky...

  2. poor peanut!! i hope that she's feeling a bit better!

  3. Thanks all! I swear I didn't know kids could be this sick (esp. when she's not even in daycare or around bunches of kids all the time!). And hand, foot and mouth disease? Yes I've heard of it, but wouldn't have the first clue how to know if my kid had it. I think the doctors are making up new things for us to worry about once we have kids!

    Truly I hope to post about things other than illness one of these days!!!

  4. I hope she feels better soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I need to spend some time reading through yours!