Sunday, October 19, 2008

300 Lemons

My father-in-law has something of a green thumb and he likes to experiment with growing new fruits and vegetables. Several years ago he planted a lemon tree or two and over the last couple of years, he has added some more. Now he has a total of five lemon trees and apparently they are all about to bear fruit for the first time. His best estimate is that we will end up with close to 300 lemons. Any ideas on how to make use of LOTS of lemons all at once? I'm thinking of juicing and zesting some of them in order to freeze a bunch of the juice and zest for future use. Additionally, lemonade is one option, but I'm looking for recipes or ideas for using quite a few lemons all at once.


  1. Yum.. lemons!!!

    It sure is getting warm today - ) Hopefully that link will give you some basic ideas but the first idea that comes to mind would be... Lemon sherbet which can use majority of the lemons- or a lemon cream custard = ) Possibly make an all natural but lovely scented lemon cleaner..

  2. marmalade!!!

    I love the colour/ fragrance and of course taste of marmalade. Keep the pips and put them in a cloth in with the lemons when you boil and you get so much pectin you will have a really thick marmalade.

    Or you could try and find someone who lives in an apple area and swap a box, lovely red sunfuji's... ;)

  3. francesca, fellow MIJer!October 19, 2008 at 7:15 PM

    you could make limoncello, italian liqueur!