Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mont Blanc = French for "delicious chestnut"?

This post reminded me of all the wonderful and delicious chestnut treats that I've eaten in Japan over the years. We've visited frequently during the winter months and often around New Year's which is when I'm sure the chestnuts are plentiful. I am enamored of the Mont Blanc. I had never tried this delicacy until I visited Japan. Why do we not have more of these in the U.S.?! We even have songs about "chestnuts roasting on an open fire," etc. but still they are hard to come by and rarely sold or cooked with in the U.S. (at least in my experience). Since I'm learning to be something of a foodie as I get older, and I have a major sweet tooth, this is something I'd say I've investigated quite a bit! In fact, this is a photo I took almost 4 years ago. I just love how soft and luscious that chestnut topping looks.


  1. Hey there = ) Thank you so much for the link back- I am going to add you the site = )

    The first time I savored every bit of this fab dessert was when I was in France but isn't it true, chestnuts are in various holiday songs yet the only place I see the roasted in the US is in NYC, D.C. (Quebec) has them but.. it is not easy and not every town offers them.. but they are so delish when roasted.. oh they sure are. This [mawhn BLAHN] (White Delicious mountain topped with Chestnut cream.. sure gets my tummy going.. I can find the in French Cafe and Bistro but the most density I've found those were in California and the North East, NYC, D.C.... I wish they had them in abundance like Europe and Japan...righ?

  2. OMG.. I am speaking Japanese/English.. smack..

  3. I love the roasted chestnuts you can get walking on the street in Chinatown in Yokohama. One of the few things it seems to be alright to munch while walking along in public.