Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vignettes from Osaka

This is more random snapshots from my life this week. The jet lag seems to have finally worn off but that means that up until now, things have been viewed through a somewhat choppy lens! And in answer to Furrow's question, I'll be here in Japan until sometime in March. My husband is working on getting his own business off the ground with the intention and hope that maybe we can become a bicoastal/bicultural family someday living in Osaka for more extended periods of time (instead of just one week at a time). If his business does in fact become viable, it would be something he could do from the U.S. or from Japan which would be great. In the meantime, I'm still doing some soul-searching about my own (self)employment (?) options and what it might look like for me. In the meantime I'm a free-range, nomadic librarian without an employer. Career and employment suggestions are welcome!!

  • I've eaten an amazing vegetable curry and ramen noodle soup at two of my favorite Osaka restaurants this week.
  • I saw a grandmother hunched over with osteoporosis walking around in (p)leather pants! She could have been someone's great-grandmother she was that old!
  • I still remember how to take the trains to get to the city!
  • I started calligraphy again yesterday. It's not as easy to sit in the little folding chair and focus on proper form now that I'm pregnant. I'm not that far along, but it's work on those stomach muscles to sit up properly and after 2 hours I was exhausted! Future lessons should be shorter!
  • My daughter has taken to the potty with a sudden vigor. Three days in a row now she has brought us her baby potty insert, said "Poppy on the potty!" and once set up on the adult potty she did her business. We are stunned. And excited. We're not expectant that this will mean that she's fully trained anytime soon, but we're grateful that she's so interested in self-starting!!
  • The farm is producing lots of cabbage these days. This weekend we're hoping to have corned beef (with cabbages, potatoes and carrots - lots of those from the farm too!). I'm also hoping to make Indian food one night. I've got a great recipe for Indian cabbage and I've got a craving for some Indian food!
  • My daughter is picking up lots of Japanese vocabulary again. It's hysterical to hear her mimic people she hears. After hearing the waitress say it once or twice, my daughter started copying her with, "Irasshiamase!" (a greeting or welcome). She yelled it to every new customer who walked into the curry restaurant the other day.
That's all I've got for now. Be back soon!


  1. Great to see you arrived back in Japan well!

    Sounds like peanut is going to be one of those self toilet trained little girls- apparently girls are a lot easier to train as well. Mum said I took to it much sooner than my brother.

    Glad to hear she is also picking up Japanese vocab again- she will be conversing in no time!!!

    Enjoy your time here and best of luck to your husband and him starting his business. Sounds exciting!

  2. Irasshaimase! That's so cute! Charlie already loves to hear us speak Japanese - what little we remember. One of his favourite songs is "kaeru no uta ga".

    I can't imagine sitting seiza while pregnant - yikes! That's cool you're taking calligraphy lessons, though.

    And now you have me craving ramen! I made soba in broth this week and it was soooo good - but I can go out for ramen in town, so maybe I'll do that next week.

  3. Okay, advice: Learn Greenstone, the digital library software. It's part of what I do and you can do library stuff from anywhere.

  4. Ah! Thanks for clearing that up. I'm so nosy. It would be great if you could get in on one of those 24/7 virtual reference services. Night time in the US would be decent working hours for you in Japan. Also, my husband works for standardized test scoring companies online.