Friday, January 15, 2010

Movement on the Homefront

Things with my sister seem to be slowly improving - thank you all who commented on the situation. Apparently discord between siblings is not uncommon! Big surprise? I guess not, but it helped me immensely to hear your thoughts and experiences. It gave me some additional perspective and even validation. I love that the Internets can validate my being!

In other news, I hit the 18 week mark in my pregnancy on Wednesday. I can't quite believe the number is that high already. Anyway, earlier this week (somewhere around week 17 1/2) I started to feel real movement from the baby. It amazed me to feel it even though this feels kind of early in the pregnancy. But even more amazing was how vigorously I was feeling it. This kid may give Peanut a run for her money! When Peanut was in the womb, she was a thrasher. All night long she'd twist and turn and roll and hiccup....I never once did movement counts or whatever they called them because I would have met all my counts in about 3 minutes and the game would be over. No point. Since her birth Peanut has maintained this high level of activity and is a very "genki" child as they say in Japanese. I mean she is GENKI - ALL the time.

Needless to say, I'm starting to worry that I'll really have my hands full in another year or so once they're both on the move. Oh my word. If this movement in the womb is a reliable indicator I'm in deep trouble. I'm gonna need more running shoes!


  1. It's another girl. Just have that feeling.

    And on the sisters - yeah, me too.

  2. Oh, the movement is the BEST part of pregnancy. I L O V E it! It is so nice to be reassured by them (even if it interupts your sleep).

    I can't beleive you are almost half way there!

  3. I'm glad things with sis are already on the mend. It surely hints that there is a positive outcome on the horizon.

    About the movement... I hope you are pleasantly surprised with a completely chill and easy-going little munchkin. I am 51% guessing girl and 49% guessing boy. :)