Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aki Matsuri

You are all wonderful and encouraging friends! I don't feel like such a dolt - unable to balance the needs of others in my family and feeling selfish for wanting to cram 36 hours into each single day hoping for more time with all of them!

Things have evened out a bit. Mom and Dad depart tomorrow. We've been all over in the last week or so. We spent several days in Leavenworth, WA enjoying the sunshine, sausages, and goats that live across from the hotel. Peanut *loves* goats and couldn't get enough of them! On our way home, we stopped near Wenatchee at a farm stand where we stocked up on tons of fresh peaches and apples and corn. There were lots of activities for little kids and since Peanut was the only kid around, she had the place to herself. We had an impromptu picnic and have been gobbling up the last days of beautiful summer weather along with her bounty!

Today we're hoping to head over to the local Aki Matsuri - a fall fair or festival celebrating performing arts, crafts and martial arts from Japan. There's even an enka performance at 4pm. Peanut *loves* enka!! She's like a 60 year old man trapped inside the body of a toddler. Additionally, I'd love for my parents to get to experience some of the Japanese cultural activities there as they've only been to Japan once and I don't expect that they'll visit again anytime soon.

As for me...while I've been terrible about practicing any Japanese or calligraphy since we've been back in the U.S., I find myself longing for bits and parts of our life there. Several of you suggested it might happen (the whole "grass is greener on the other side" syndrome that is) but I truly couldn't see it coming. Now I'm looking forward to a bit of Japan again. No sushi please. I like sushi but I had more than enough during our last stay there! But some tempura, a little enka, and a taiyaki would be more than welcome!


  1. I'm glad you reached a rhythm with your guests. If you are like me, you are so sad to see them go, but longing to get back into the routine at the same time! Hope you had fun at the fair. It's a hot one today!

    Regarding your commnt on my blog -- my due date is April 22. By the time you get back in June, all my helpers will be gone and I'll be more than grateful if you want to come over and hold a baby for me. :) And if you bring cupcakes... well, I'll be your best friend forever.

  2. Now I am doomed to crave taiyaki forever, or until I can make some reasonable facsimile! Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

    Have fun at the matsuri - I wish I was going with you! And your description of Peanut loving enka totally cracked me up!

  3. Glad you got your groove back. :)

    And taiyaki- there's a new craze to look forward to- white taiyaki made with rice flour. Meant to be totally amazing.

  4. You got me craving Japanese now (including sushi!). Hope you enjoyed the festival.