Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cry Me a Puddle

Anthropologa has this post about crying and how one survey of women revealed that we cry an average of 2.24 hours per week. Whoa. Sounds like an awful lot to me.

Yet, I'm pretty free with the tears. I just need to see someone else crying and that's enough to set me off. Lately, I'm feeling like I'm on the verge of tears even more often. I'm convinced it has to do with the wacky hormones. I feel this...imbalance. And since I can't write anything else here without feeling like I'm *always* writing about how badly I want Baby #2, etc. I'm going to do some posting at my old blog on occasion. Because clearly, I need the outlet.


  1. Really? They found 2.24 hours?? Sounds a bit suspicious to me.

    Of course with all these pregnancy hormones, I am constantly on the verge of tears. But even in this state, it's nowhere near 2.24 hours a week, I'm sure!

    Off to check out your old bloggy digs!

  2. REALLY?! That much?! I don't think I cry that much in a month! But then again, I hate crying and will do ANYTHING in my power not to do it.

    I'm glad you still have your old blog up and running and you're able to let some things out there. I hope it helps!

  3. Wow that does sound like an aweful lot of crying. I think I'm a big cryer too but I don't think I average that much crying per week. yeesh.

    I have a similar "imbalance" feeling - it drives me nuts because it feels like no one else understands.

    Hope you feel better soon and wishing you lots of luck with baby#2!

  4. I'm sorry buddy. There's nothing like wanting a baby and not getting one.