Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where was I going?

Updated to add:
Welcome if you're here from the round-up! There's a brief mention of children in this post....

Truly? How boring is my life that I can't even think of what to blog about?

I think I'm just feeling a little like I'm in a rut. Here's life in a nutshell at the moment:

Peanut is doing well. Sleep seems to be improving (i.e. moving closer and closer to just one nap!).

Internet has been sporadic for the last few days and every time I think of posting - it's down. Argh.

The other day I was practicing my calligraphy and my FIL came in the house and nearly tore the kitchen apart looking for some piece of paper. He is about as subtle as a tornado when he does this (with some regularity as he's super impatient). There I sat at the kitchen table in quiet contemplation trying to focus on the paper, ink and the lines I was drawing. And yet, he continued to bluster and tear and slam things around. I wanted to just give up and walk away, but figured he'd tell me to stay. "Um, why?" So I waited him out and thought about how nice it will be this summer to have my own house for a bit.

And therein lies something of a problem...Part of me is packed and checked out already. It's dawning on my just now- the weather is much warmer and reminds me of June days when I was in high school.... Senioritis! I've got senioritis! I'm too busy thinking about all the places I'll go when I get back to Seattle, all the things I'll eat - to really enjoy anything here at the moment. And lots of little things (like my FIL's recent performance) are getting under my skin and making me think, "See this is why I'm happy to be going home."

I'm not sure that living in two places will ever be viable if I'm always wanting to be in the other place. I felt pretty good about being here in January and February, but now I can't wait to go home. Then again, I've always been big on anticipating a trip. I usually start making to-do lists weeks before we go anywhere. Things to remember to pack, places to go when we get to our destination, those kinds of things.

Finally, in terms of reading, I finished The Northern Clemency a while ago. Wouldn't necessarily recommend it - but I slogged through it. Then I finished An Abundance of Katherines. I was disappointed because I *loved* Looking for Alaska but felt that this author's work wasn't nearly as good as his first novel. Next I decided to reward myself with something light and funny. Hence I read Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz. She makes me chuckle and occasionally laugh out loud. I tore through it in no time and maybe that's helped improve my mood?

I mentioned I'm on Goodreads right?

By the way, we're staying away from pigs and large crowds of people and as of right now everyone is healthy as can be!


  1. I'm sorry, it's probably my fault that you are anxious to go home, what with all my talk of cupcakes and all. ;)

  2. For someone who didn't know what to write about, you pulled together a pretty thought-provoking post :-) It made me reflect on all those times when you know you're leaving and the end is in sight, but you still have to stay and keep living life while your mind is in two places. Very, very much like the end of school.

  3. I actually haven't been hearing much at all about the Swine Flu on the news or anywhere else for at least a week now. Even though there are still cases, the panic over it seems to be dying off. I think it has turned out to be milder than the seasonal flu! Thank gawd, cause I was really freaked out for a minute!

  4. It's a ramble post and I love it! I hope you can find a cure for your senoritis. Hang in there, love. You'll be home soon!

  5. I don't know what Senioritis is (you don't mean Alzheimers, right?) but I regularly get a big walloping dose of the grass is always greener.

    Have you made a list of all the stuff you love here that you want to do one more time before you go?

    And don't changes in baby's daily rhythm throw the whole family for six?

    Hang in there!

  6. Sunny- those cupcakes sound tastier and tastier!!

    thefukases - Great idea! Thanks for sharing that. That are some things I'd like to do again before we leave. Now I just need a list....

  7. I'm much like you in that I plan for trips weeks in advance... yet, I always want to be in the place that I'm not :)