Thursday, May 7, 2009

Healthy as a horse

That's right. I'm healthy as a horse. Not a pig. Certainly no swine flu here. But truly, last Thursday that's all I could think about. Maybe not the swine flu, but any flu. As my class ended at noon, I left feeling grateful that it was over. I had been feeling a tad bit off all morning, and my upset stomach seemed to be worsening. Could it be morning sickness?* As the afternoon progressed, and I got colder and colder (on a day when temperatures neared the low 70s) I started to suspect something was wrong. And then the aching started - everything hurt. And by late afternoon my husband was convinced we should hurry to the nearest clinic so that if I did in fact have a flu strain, I could get a shot of Tami.flu since we'd be traveling to Kyushu on Monday (a five hour drive at minimum (and we'd be staying with a bunch of family for several days) and thus minimizing the duration of suspected flu would be beneficial to all.

After 2 hours in the clinic, we had a diagnosis of sorts. Probably not the flu (no sore throat or inflammation in the throat or lymph nodes), so I probably just had a cold. This was easily the most uncomfortable cold I've had in 15 years. As I said, everything ached and I shivered with a fever for two days. But the medicine at least helped me sleep and by Monday I was well enough to endure a lengthy car ride to Kyushu for the one-year anniversary memorial of my husband's maternal grandmother (you may recall we just did this in March for my husband's paternal grandmother). We arrived mid-afternoon on Monday and had to leave at 4:30 am on Wednesday to try to beat the traffic and avoid sitting on the highway for hours. I kid you not, a gas station turned us away because we had enough to travel another 100 kilos and they were running out of gas. And if you can believe this vending machines were completely sold out - dozens of them at a roadside service area - empty. This gives new meaning to the dreaded term "holiday travel".

I am SO glad to be home and healthy!

*Turns out I'm not. They had to give me the test before giving me any medicine at the clinic and presumably, they would have told us if our assumption that we're NOT pregnant was incorrect.


  1. Goodness... you must have had the flu but not the "A" "B" type flu but a flu cold.. does that make sense?

    However, I do know how you felt I had 38.8, and ached, took a week to get better (I only took fever reducer) but I never want to feel that again, ever since I wash my hand obsessively.

    We just got back to, unwinding a bit but we did not travel via car, that is for sure...hell no.

    I hope you are feeling better, if you can grab some 100% carrot juice to strengthen up your immune system = ) I drink it everyday... well almost.

  2. Glad you made it back home safe and sound. I HATE holiday traffic here! I'd rather stand squished in the entry way of a shinkansen than step foot in a car! (Before kids, that is!!!) Hope you feel completely better soon! And that you are blessed with #2 soon too!

  3. There is nothing like the relief of being home again, is there? I'm glad you survived the trip and are feeling all better.

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon and that no one else in the family comes down with it. I know I'd rather be sick 10 times than Champ get it (for obvious reasons, but also for selfish ones - he is horrible to deal with when sick!).

  5. Ahhh travel in Golden Week... with a kid.... while sick? You deserve a medal!

    My worst Golden Week travel was with a screaming baby and they wouldn't let us stop at the rest areas as they were full. AGGHHHHHH!!!

  6. I had the same thing! I'm on the tail end of it right now. UHG it was no fun at all! Glad you're feeling better.

  7. BTW, I have given you an award at my blog :)