Friday, January 16, 2009

Mama it is!

I had such amazing responses to my last post! What expertise you all have! And kind words of support too! I feel infinitely better and have decided that "mama" it is.

Peanut hears lots and lots of the word "manma" used around here by all manner of family and friends. But she hears "mama" a lot from me too. The only way she and I will learn to communicate in English is if we just keep at it. I know she understands me when I say, "Come here" and she does, or "Hand me your bear" and she hands me the stuffed bear instead of the lamb or the doll. Following this principle, I'll just keep assuming that she understands me and is responding to me appropriately. I love this attitude since it gives me what I want and need and allows her the opportunity to continue expanding her language skills.


  1. Absolutely.. keep thinking positive!!!! She'll most definitely draw that energy from you!

  2. I liked the sign language advice, too! That worked well for us.

  3. We have tried the sign language, and she has been picking it up like crazy. Currently she signs for eat, bath, apple, banana and delicious. This does simplify things at times. But there are other times when she's wandering around doing a mix of both talking and signing without particularly seeming interested in food....But I've decided she's just practicing a lot of her vocal and sign communication. Mama means mama!

    And GirlJapan - I think you're right about the attitude! I'm all about positive energy and attitude these days.