Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

This past weekend was our first celebration of Halloween "American-style." It was perhaps even more exciting for me than it was for my daughter. Where I grew up, in upstate New York, we could pretty much count on freezing cold weather and occasionally snow for Halloween. This made trick-or-treating somewhat less enjoyable because in order to be warm, you often had to sacrifice the cool looking effects of your costume. This year, the temperature was a lovely and mild almost 60 degrees. We dressed up Peanut in her costume and headed off to a local trick-or-treating event. We met up with some friends and their toddler. The kids got a few pieces of hard candy and then wanted to head outside away from the crowds. They sat down (outdoors - with no coats!) and nibbled on their hard candy. Then we walked up and down the street where other local businesses were all handing out goodies. The kids even got to share a free gelato. How cool is that? We were able to enjoy ice cream, outdoors on Halloween!

Afterwards, we headed across the street to a great little izakaya for some korokkes for the kiddos and lots of great tempura, kushikatsu, and yakitori. They also served French fries with wasabi mayonnaise; this is my new favorite dish!

Last year we weren't able to really celebrate Halloween in the same way, since we were in Japan. This year, we had both an American style celebration and great Japanese food too. Who says you can't have it all??

And now, the gratuitous cute kid pic:


  1. Peanut looks FANTASTIC in her costume!

    It is nice that the kids did not have to sacrafice their costumes for coats- the milder weather would of been good I am sure.

    We don`t really do halloween at all in Australia but it seems to be gaining popularity here so maybe Goma-chan and other future kids will be able to celebrate it. Great that you could enjoy parts of both cultures for halloween!

  2. That is a DARLING picture!!!

  3. They are starting to do Halloween a bit in Sweden so I'm excited about that!

  4. GORGEOUS picture!

    Great you can enjoy Halloween the way you wanted too. You'll just have to start dressing up in all those costumes you could never wear as a kid!

  5. Look at her! She looks GREAT! Love that picture. Glad you enjoyed Halloween and some great food!