Saturday, October 3, 2009


We're up to our eyeballs in mini home-improvement projects as we try to get our house ready to rent out when we head out "on the road" so to speak in another month and a half. Before that, we're making a quick trip to NC to see my sister and my newest nephew. I'm looking forward to spending some quality sister time together and having a mini vacation which means I don't have to fix anything.

Our home didn't start out as a fixer-upper, but after living here for a number of years, things are naturally starting to break down or wear out and we've put off many of the repairs for a while. Now seems like the perfect time to tackle many of these projects and I'm feeling accomplished because we're getting them done. But I also feel like we're still behind the 8 ball and I'm not sure we'll have it all done by the time we leave. ..


  1. Can anyone help out after you leave and let professionals in and out of the house to fix things while you're away?

    Hope all the repairs are done quickly!

  2. Don't get me started on home projects. It's really sad how much this house looks EXACTLY the same as when we moved in. Yes, it was just over a year ago... but STILL. Exactly the same.

    Good luck with your projects, and have a wonderful trip!